Welcome to our little bit of paradise; fresh snow, good friends and great food.  A ski / snowboard trip
with the Kronenstadt Ski Club to Mammoth Mountain on a day like above, is heaven on earth in the
form of lightly falling powdery snow.

If you see one of the little blue pole flags while skiing, stop and say hello.  We are always glad to meet
new friends and tell them about the friendliest ski club on the Mountain.

KCS exists to provide the lowest cost ski trips, along with the best accommodations and food for the
money.  Long time and new members share the camaraderie of group activities and the exhilaration of
outdoor sports.  You must be 21 years old to participate in the Clubs activities.

From our home base in the San Gabriel Valley and with members from Newport Beach to Lake Tahoe
we venture out on weekends to look for the elusive fresh power day in the High Sierras.  There is
always room for new friends. So enjoy the website and give us a call. We need people who love
washing dishes after a great home cooked meal.
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California
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Barbara B    Where are your skis?
Stan K.        Who are you waving at?
Jean E.         Nice blue Kronie flag.
Bruce B.      You must be easy to spot with those orange boots.
Barbara Mc   Nice outfit, is that a Bogner?
Arnie A.      Basic black- always the fashion statement.
Christel C.    We finally got you into a helmet!!!
Face Lift Express, Mammoth Mountain, CA
Bruce's favorite chairlift.
Look for the blue Kronenstadt Ski Club Pendant
adorning the ski poles of club members.
Index to stories of past Trips.
Tri Fold Trip Schedule
Highest spot in country as
seen from Lone Pine. Mt.
Birthday greetings to the
following KSC Members:

Susan C.        2/3
Nancy M.        2/3
Linda P.        3/1
Rita M.        3/18
Rich E.        3/31
Bruce B.        5/26
Mary Jo V.        9/14
Judy B.        10/2
Maxine M.        10/13
Kip M.        10/14
Aili G.        10/21
Barbara S.        10/25
Christel C.        12/2
Karen Mc.        12/31
Bernice B.        7/12
Gloria B.        12/18
John P.        2/10
Fran P.        6/26
Rudy B        1/19
Kathy B        2/10
Mike M.        12/31
Graham        1/23
David        3/14
Maureen        3/14
Kijae R.        7/12
Doug C.        8/14
Jeannine W.        9/27
Glenn G.        12/29
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with Woolly, the Mammoth Mountain
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